A.S.L. S.r.l. - via Collegno, 47
10044 Pianezza (TO)
tel. 011-966.30.22
fax 011-967.40.34
e-mail: rubino@asl-srl.com
P. IVA 05787070019 - REA Torino 3287/89
Cap. Soc. € 50000 i.v.
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Veduta aerea dello stabilimento A.S.L. S.r.l. di Pianezza.

  A.S.L. S.r.l. operates in a 1.700 m2 premises equipped with mechanical presses ranging from 20 to 400 tons. and hydraulic presses ranging from 250 to 400 tons. The mechanical presses are arranged in automatic lines for strip width up to 650 mm. and maximum thickness of 2.5 mm. and are provided of roll feeds, loading and unloading devices, etc.

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