A.S.L. S.r.l. - via Collegno, 47
10044 Pianezza (TO)
tel. 011-966.30.22
fax 011-967.40.34
e-mail: rubino@asl-srl.com
P. IVA 05787070019 - REA Torino 3287/89
Cap. Soc. € 50000 i.v.
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  Ironworks department Products

Our iron carpenter's shop produces customized main doors, sliding and hinged gates, colapsable gates, fences, grids, windows, shutters and blinds.

They can be painted or galvanized.

The iron carpenter's shop.

CNC driven folding-machine. Used to fold the aluminium as well.

CNC driven shears. Used to process the aluminium as well.

The iron store dept.

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